File Formats

We have the ability to work with most file formats although some are more preferable than others. Here is a list of all files we accept.

.Ai  .Eps  .Pdf  .Psd  .Tiff  .Png  .Jpeg

Vector FILES

Vector files (.ai .eps .pdf) are great for maintaining the quality of your design when resizing and have wonderfully smooth lines.


Raster based (.psd .tiff .png .jpeg) files are made up of a grid of square pixels. The more pixels in the grid, the higher the resolution, the higher the resolution, the more detailed the image.

Resolution is represented by the term dpi (Dots Per Inch).

When using Raster Files please make sure they are at least 300dpi from the very beginning of the design process.

File Setup

When preparing a new document, follow these steps to produce print ready files every time.

  • Dimensions – A3 paper size is a great starting point
  • Resolution – 300dpi minimum 
  • Scale – Please have your artwork at the size you want it printed or larger
  • Layers – For multi colour designs, please have the different colours on separate layers 
Photoshop document set up recommended settings

Gradients & Halftones

For designs with a gradient or tonal element to work with the Screen Printing process, we will have to use the Halftone technique.

A Halftone image is made up of dots, varying either in size or in spacing, to create the illusion of a gradient or tonal effect.

It is best if you provide your design without the halftone applied. It is much better for us to do this to get you the best reproduction of your original design.

Before After Black to white gradientBlack to white halftone gradient


If your design has any text element, please ensure that you either Outline Text if using a vector file or Rasterise Type or Convert to Smart Object if using a Raster file.

If your Text hasn’t gone through the above process, and we don’t have the font on our computer, it will replaced by another font.

Illustrator type settings create outlines text


Photoshop rasterise type text


Maximum Print Area

There are limits to the size of the print we can produce. Please refer to the attached diagrams for the Maximum Print Area.

N.B. These are the parameters set by our equipment and may exceed the size of the garments.

T-shirt front and back screen print area


Sweatshirt front and back screen print area


Hoodie front and back screen print area


Zip Hoodie left chest screen print placement Tote bag screen print placement



The Pantone Plus Coated guide is our reference, if the colour is not in the guide, we will use the closest match.

Photoshop colour libraries Pantone solid coated window